Crop Nutrition

Importance of nutrients

Importance of nutrients

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamin A, B, C… every human is familiar with these terms. We are constantly reminded about the essentially of nutrition and nutrients to keep our mind and body fit and functioning. The same can be applied to our leafy friends. Just like us, it is necessary to provide our plants with the right crop nutrition for them to grow, flower, yield and lead a great life!

Let’s discuss the necessary nutrients for crops and their impact.


Just like how proteins are our bodybuilding food, nitrogen is for plants. It is essential for lush, green plant growth.


Phosphorous is vital for strong root systems, seed creation, immunity, and pest prevention. It enhances the flowering and blooming capacity of plants and also strengthens the plant tissues. The flavor and edibility added to your fruits and vegetables is also the work of phosphorous.


Potassium is essential for overall plant health. It improves the ability of the plant to withstand extreme temperatures.


Just like how calcium renders us stronger bones, in plants, it is responsible for stronger tissues. Plant acidity within and in the soil is neutralized with the help of Calcium, thus boosting health.


The production of chlorophyll – that renders plants its green color is boosted by the intake of Magnesium. It further increases the absorption of Phosphorous. When the requirement of Magnesium is not met, it makes the plant appear less green in color and fragile.

These are the nutrients that render plant its strength and ability to grow to its full potential, in the next article we shall further deal with the required quantity of crop nutrients to keep the plant nourished and healthy.

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