Natural Phosphorus

Rock Phosphate and its benefits

Rock phosphate is a mineral mined from clay deposits and serves as the primary source of phosphorous which is vital for plants. Phosphorus is one of the main three nutrients most commonly known as N-P-K. Phosphate is required in building a biological soil and helps a plant convert other nutrients into usable building blocks. It is crucial for the development of a sturdy root system, bear fruits and absorb nutrients for plant growth. Rock phosphate releases the phosphor component at a slow pace thus making it a good source for long-term supply of phosphorous for your plant.

Rock phosphate, when applied directly on the soil. Its direct application increases the level of phosphorus in the soil and contributes to the crop yield.

Lack of phosphorous makes the crops appear thin, plants are stunted, and leaves of corn, for example, turn an odd purple color. Let’s read some of the benefits.

1. Compared to other phosphorus fertilizers, Rock Phosphate is relatively cheap.

2. It is eco-friendly. As it is obtained as a natural source

3. Apart from increasing levels of naturally available phosphorous in the soil, it also adds other nutrients to the soil. Rock phosphate increases the soils exchangeable levels of calcium and magnesium cations. It also increases carbon accumulation levels in the soil thus improving the soil quality.

So, don’t wait any more, go grab the pack of ROX™ Rock Phosphate and give your soil the nourishment it deserves!

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